«NouvelleEtiquette is a graphic design bureau located between 14 avenue Foch, Metz and 38 rue Oberlin, Strasbourg, France. It is composed of four graphic designers (Émilie, Francis, Julie and Xavier) driven by the same desire for creativity, interdisciplinarity and quality. Since 2013, Nouvelle étiquette has managed graphic design projects for cultural associations, public institutions, private companies and sometimes big capital. Thought as a place between a graphic design studio and a research workshop, the bureau nurtures the personal experiences of its members. Nouvelle étiquette is defined by an approach that emphasizes the search for meaning as the driving force behind the emergence of relevant graphic forms. Its work is also based on a particular sensitivity to typography, contemporary art and literature, as well as a way of seeing graphic design as a source of understanding and joy. The creative bureau pays the greatest attention to a deeper comprehension of its commissions and strives to establish constant dialogue with its partners. Nouvelle étiquette regularly takes part in conferences and workshops, while some of its members teach at art school in order to transmit, share and advance knowledge in graphic design.» ©NE