Golden Cosmos is the working name of Berlin-based duo Doris Freigofas and Daniel Dolz. „The exuberant duo captures the simple, pleasurable details of daily life.But then there are also elements of the extraordinary in their images — spaceships,the Brothers Grimm, buttoned-up detectives, and devils — adventurous and occasionallysinister narratives like something from a German folk story made modern. Their drawings walk the line between a daydream and the everyday.Distinctly European and quite at home with the other colorful,flattened perspectives showcased by Nobrow Press, Golden Cosmos’ workwill be familiar to readers of The New York Times, The New Yorker,and Die Zeit. They have such a specific aesthetic, so it’s fascinatingto know that their drawings emerge from two minds and four hands insteadof the single pen of one illustrator. They’ve worked together intensely ever since they met during their art foundation yearin their hometown of Dresden, and their styles have folded into one another so seamlesslythat it’s impossible to tell whether an illustration was drawn by Freigofas, Dolz,or a combination of both.“ Madeleine Morley, AIGA Eye on Design